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We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

As always we finish our year with a newsletter to summarise important items relating to the end of year 2023 and to prepare you for 2024. If you need further guidance please feel free to contact us at or +41 32 580 0420 and we will be happy to help you.

On behalf of the team I would like to thank you for all the kind messages of appreciation we have received from many of you and from your clients in 2023, this means a great deal to us so thank you to everyone who wrote to us.

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2024 Payroll

The following premiums are due to change in 2024 …


GAV  (Employer)
GAV (Employee)
UVG Accident Insurance (Employer)
UVG Accident Insurance (Employee)

2024 Pension

The monthly Professional Pension contribution is recalculated each year on an individual basis by the pension company. An adjustment arises from your age in the new year, the newly calculated actuarial risk and the amount of capital savings you have already accrued in the plan. If you reach a half decade (e.g. age 25, 35, 45, 55) in 2024  the basic  pension savings premium increases by several percent from 1 Jan 24

We expect to receive the new premium information in January in time for the first 2024 payroll. You will also receive a new pension statement  company showing your premiums, insurance and savings balance. If you require help understanding this document you are welcome to ask our Payroll team.

3rd Pillar (private pension) limit: the maximum amount you can personally save in a “3rd Pillar” account in 2024 remains CHF 7’056.- per annum. If you decide to pay into a 3rd Pillar scheme, for example via your personal bank, you can set this contribution against income tax when you apply for a tax rebate. (See “2023 Tax returns and refunds” below).

GAV Training Courses

If your annual salary is less than CHF 148’200 for full-time per year (pro rata if you work part time) you will have been paying a Collective Employment Agreement (GAV) premium. If you are not sure if you fit into this category  your “GAV” contribution will be listed on your monthly salary statement.

A large part of this deduction is designed to cover “Continuous Professional Education” courses. Depending on the course there are a number of conditions to qualify (such as minimum time worked). We have heard that the courses get booked out quickly so prompt registration is recommended: language courses as well as professional development courses are included. If you would like to consider applying for one of the courses you can find them in German, French or Italian at

Course applicants need to have worked under the GAV for at least 80 hours. Although it is not necessary to pass any course exams to qualify for free training you need to complete at least 80% of the course.

Annual Salary Certificate

Your annual salary certificate will be posted towards the end of January. If you require one earlier please contact You will require this salary certificate if you are submitting a Swiss tax return, it is also needed for mortgage applications or to apply for income tax credits in countries operating under a taxation treaty with Switzerland.

Annual Tax returns and refunds

If you have an annual income in excess of CHF 120’000 per year in Switzerland you are obliged to submit a Swiss Tax return to your local Swiss tax office, even if source tax has been deducted from your payroll. There are other circumstances which also would require you to fill a tax return, even if you have earned less than CHF 120’000  per year. These are based on the canton in which you pay tax. A local tax advisor will be able to advise you if you need to fill a tax return. The 2023 tax return needs to be filed by 31 March 2024 but if you need more time you can call or email the tax office and request an extension. Some offices (e.g. Zürich) have a standard online form to fill the tax return, and/or to extend the deadline.

The complexity of the Swiss tax return depends on your circumstances; although only the Swiss income is taxed you will need to list your global income and assets. It is important to fill your tax return properly as this can make a difference to the amount of tax you have to pay or are refunded.

There are allowances that you can claim against tax; these vary from canton to canton so although you may decide to complete the tax return form yourself you may wish to consider using the services of a Swiss accountant, at least for the first year.

As your employer we are not able to assist with completing or submitting a personal tax return or provide personal tax advice. For these services you can select local accountants in various cantons from

If you have not, so far, earned CHF 120’000 annually in Switzerland and are taxed at source through us you may not be required to fill a Swiss tax return but you could still apply for a reassessment of your source tax with a simpler “Reclaim Form” which is usually available online at your local tax office. This MUST be completed and filed by the date your canton states (often 31st March) . You could be able to receive a refund if:

– you are on a short term contract, your permanent residence is different from your on-site address in Switzerland, and you are therefore classified as a commuter. This often applies to expatriates on short term contracts.
– you have paid into a Swiss 3rd Pillar pension fund
– you have additional financial commitments such as child maintenance, a mortgage, parental or alimony support payments, charitable contributions or training costs. Items qualifying for tax relief vary from Canton to Canton.

Swiss tax claims can be complex and we strongly advise you seek the help of  a professional adviser; information on reclaiming sourcetax is also available from your local tax office website.


Your security - Important notice

Cyber attacks which involve stealing personal data, ransomware, denial of service and phishing are increasingly significant threats to all firms and service providers. Switzerland is no exception.

However security is everyone’s responsibility and we advise extreme caution, especially in keeping passwords secure, complex and specific to each service. Please always check with us by telephone (+41 (0) 32 580 0420) if you receive any suspicious demands over any digital channel regarding our services to you. Most Important: protect your personal email end-point with 2 factor authentication because criminals can break into many of your other accounts if this email is compromised.

Referral fees

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we are always happy to receive your feedback. Additionally if you are happy with the service we provide please recommend us to a friend, colleague, agent or your client company. We reward successful referrals with a thank you fee starting at CHF 300 to show our appreciation.