Swissroll – payroll services
for contractors in Switzerland

No time for tax?
You’re not alone.

Swissroll has been active in the Swiss market since 1996, and we know exactly what matters most to our customers.

We offer a full, comprehensive and compliant set of solutions for contractors including Swiss payroll and work permit coordination. Our team of payroll and tax experts is based in Neuchâtel in the French part of Switzerland.

More than just payroll specialists.

Clients/Employers/Engaging Companies

Our contractor services are all-encompassing from local registration, contractual management and of course, through work and residency permit management.

We remove the burden of tax and legal compliance, allowing employees to spend their free time enjoying the lifestyle, rather than form-filling.


Do you wish to engage employees in Switzerland? 

Is your company looking to potentially set up your own entity but require space and employment solutions for staff whilst you are getting ready?

Do you need payroll advice and support on how to build your own payroll for your own entity?

Taking a personalised approach enables our experienced team to focus on getting the best salary retention for contractors, throughout their career.

Let us get to know each other!


Swissroll is fully compliant with all of the Tax, Labour Leasing and Social Security legislation in Switzerland.

Tax Optimisation – our experienced Accountants ensure that you get the best salary retention no matter what canton you live in.

We are not a one-size-fits-all agency and our experienced team enjoys taking a personal approach to find the right solutions to your payroll challenges in Switzerland.

With Swissroll as your payroll partner, you can focus on the things that really matter to you!


Swissroll is licensed by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and fully compliant to act as a partner for international recruiters in Switzerland.

We also support your contractors, by managing their payroll requirements. This in addition to handling client invoicing and commission payments to you the international recruitment agent.

Your confidentiality is safe with us, and we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to guarantee this. Contact us now for a non-binding discussion.


Are you a Swiss based company looking to engage contract workers in Switzerland?  Or perhaps an international company that requires “boots on the ground” in Switzerland, but don’t want to have a physical presence in Switzerland just yet?

With over two decades of in market experience, Swissroll is fully compliant with all of the Tax, Labour Leasing and Social Security legislation in Switzerland.We can offer your company a wide range of payroll management & related services.

Why not contact us now to see how we can help?