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Swissroll - payroll services for contractors in Switzerland

No time for tax? You're not alone.

Whether a Freelancer working on a contract in Switzerland, or a Company wishing to outsource the employment of Freelance staff, Swissroll offers a full, comprehensive and compliant Swiss Payroll, Work Permit and Management solution.

Swissroll: more than just payroll specialists

Swissroll have been active in the Swiss market since 1996 and we know exactly what matters most to our customers.

Our services are all encompassing through local registration, contractual management and of course work and residency permit management.

We remove the burden of tax and legal compliance, allowing workers to spend their free time enjoying the lifestyle, rather than form-filling.

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Our latest guides on living and working in Switzerland including tax planning

Why Switzerland?

Low crime, excellent healthcare and top education make Switzerland the ideal option for families.