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Working in Switzerland Guide.

Why Switzerland?

Swissroll holds both the CANTONAL and FEDERAL licenses required and is therefore fully compliant with the law and entitled to manage and place contractors and temporary workers in and for Swiss companies.

  • Low crime, an excellent healthcare system and a high standard of education make Switzerland the ideal location for families.
  • Postal services, energy, communications, and transport networks are safe and reliable – regardless of whether you are in the city or a rural area.
  • With low crime, limited traffic and well laid out residential areas – children can still walk to school in safety. At school, most children will learn at least two or three languages – with numerous private and international options for parents wishing to continue the education of older children in their mother tongue.
  • In terms of leisure activities – the Swiss lifestyle offers a remarkable mix of festivals, arts, cultural, and sports events – catering for individuals and families alike


Get your documents.

Contractor Timesheet.

Each month in Switzerland, employees are required to submit a timesheet detaling the hours they have worked. This is a legal requirement in order to calculate overtime compensation with time off in lieu. In the case of under-time, this can usually be compensated with overtime to be completed at a future date.

Click on the link below for a copy of our Timesheet:

Contractor Expense Form

Keeping a detailed record of expenses as a part of employment income is a requirement for when income tax is to be paid in Switzerland. Employment income also includes possible bonuses and commissions.

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