Employment Services in Switzerland

One of our main focus points, is to support the placement and management of temporary workers in Switzerland. We also have expertise to assist in other areas.

Placing temporary workers into Switzerland is extremely complicated and offers many pitfalls.

  • Our services allow you, as our client partner to spend more time working on your key business drivers.
  • To meet your requirements, we can offer you various types of staffing services such as : placement or hiring, employer of record, ANobAG, payroll support and secondments.
  • Or if you have something else in mind, just contact us for a non-binding discussion!

Labour Leasing

This is also referred to as EOR or “Employer of Record”. The term is usually applied where Swissroll for example, acts as the legal employer of the contractor and then leases the contractor to the client company

Your company is responsible for the day-to-day relationship with the contractor on a proxy employer basis. This solution can therefore be considered as a kind of “triangular relationship” between the contracting party or specialist employee, the hiring company (in this case Swissroll) and you, as a client company looking for high level skills in your business.

  • It allows you to quickly engage qualified specialists for special and/or ad-hoc projects or missions, in times of high growth.
  • It can also relieve your HR function in the event of potential peaks in administrative tasks or short term staffing requirements.
  • Our team of specialists welcomes your questions and looks forward to helping you find the optimal solution for your business.

The Process

  1. Your company recruits a worker (contractor) for an assignment, project or as a temporary resource. You agree commercial and terms of engagement with the contractor.
  2. The contractor signs an employment contract with Swissroll and in turn, Swissroll signs a supplier service agreement with your company.
  3. The contractor is then leased back to the client under the agreed terms. We manage all the contractor’s social security contributions, taxes and admin.

PEO Services

PEO stands for “Professional Employer Organisation” and means that  Swissroll does not employ the worker directly but rather, provides services to your HR department, for the worker, for example: payroll accounting.

Our PEO services can be tailored to match your needs. Here, the employee is directly employed by you the client, and we do not lease them to you, the client company.


Your company abroad may wish to send staff members to work for a period of time on a project for Swiss customers. It is possible that employees may remain in your domestic social security system under certain conditions and exceptions. This can be a complex procedure and may require awareness of Swiss rules and administration to carry out this process If your company wishes to send employees to Switzerland, Swissroll has experience in this field and will gladly assist you in this process.


Permanent placement

Are you a Swiss company operating internationally? Requiring employees specialized in specific fields. Would you like would like a Swiss agency to assist you in recruitment process and support? Please free to contact Swissroll to assist you in finding the best candidates for your company.


Swissroll may assist you administratively by managing your payroll and reporting, independently whilst you concentrate on your core business activities.

  • We provide a software approved by Swissdec, a quality label for data electronic data exchange between companies, insurers and social security.
  • We can build payroll accounting tools to fit in your own reporting requirements, which can be used later for the potential auditing of the salary components.
  • We will deal the relations between Swiss authorities as well as replaying and supporting your employees’ payroll queries.

See our FAQ’s for further commonly asked questions about company services in Switzerland.