Recruitment Agents

Employment Services in Switzerland

Employment services in Switzerland for contractors.

When placing temporary workers or contractors in Switzerland, complicated rules and regulations govern the way in which these workers are employed.

Swissroll holds the required FEDERAL and CANTONAL licenses. We thus have the authorisations to manage and place specialized employees and temporary or fixed term workers with both Swiss and international companies.

Contracting Process through a Swiss partner company.


  • The Swiss client company requires a specialised employee and asks a Swiss partner agency to identify an appropriate and qualified person for the desired function.
  • The Swiss SECO approved recruitment agent, must then contact another Swiss agent, who also has the required SECO labour leasing licenses, who can then contact a foreign agent.
  • The employee selected by the client company is hired by the partner agency (for example Swissroll) and is leased to the client company.
    • Swissroll and the second agency sign a contract for this hire and fix the fees for the support provided.
    • Once the employee has submitted his or her time card and it has been approved by the customer, Swissroll will invoice the customer.
    • The salary of the contracting party is paid by the Swiss agent partner on the basis of deferred hours.

Intermediary Placement Services

If you are a specialist recruiter working internationally, chances are that Switzerland could become a working location for potential placements. 

  • In this case, you may require a Swiss- based partner to assist you with you with some of your international placements.
  • Swissroll offers you advice about salaries, work permits and Swiss compliance in order to satisfy candidates looking for opportunities in Switzerland.
  • Swissroll provides the agency partner with a framework agreement to regulate the business relationship between the agent and Swissroll.
Permanent placements – Process through direct engagement by the client company.


  • The Swiss client company provides a set of specifications defining its requirements for qualified personnel to a Swiss partner agency in a selection process.
  • The Swiss agent, approved as a recruitment company by the SECO (for example Swissroll), can then contact a foreign agent for support in the recruitment.
  • Protocols are signed between the client company and Swissroll on the one hand, and the foreign agent and Swissroll on the other hand, to set the remuneration for the services rendered by these two partners.
  • Swissroll signs the terms and conditions with a Swiss customer in accordance with local legislation in a pre-agreed document or may provide a model contract to the customer
  • A CV of potential candidates is provided by Swissroll to the client with their prior approval.
  • The employee selected by the client company is hired by the latter on the basis of an employment contract concluded between the two parties.
  • Swissroll then invoices the client company for its fees, respectively, and pays the foreign agent’s fees, which have been contractually determined.

See our FAQ’s for further commonly asked questions about agent services in Switzerland.