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Employment Services in Switzerland

Employment Services for Contractors

When placing temporary workers or contractors in Switzerland, complicated rules and regulations govern the way in which these workers are employed and managed.

Swissroll holds both the CANTONAL and FEDERAL licenses required and is therefore fully compliant with the law and entitled to manage and place contractors and temporary workers in and for Swiss companies.



  • The company client has a need for a temporary worker or contractor and requests the agency partner to identify a suitable and qualified contractor.
  • Once identified and with a commercial agreement signed, the contractor will need a labour leasing partner company such as Swissroll to manage their payroll.
  • The agency and/or the contractor then contacts the labour leasing company (Swissroll) to agree terms with the contractor (who becomes the employee for the labour leasing company). He/she then signs an employment agreement with Swissroll.
  • The labour leasing company then contacts the company client and they sign a leasing contract to lease the contractor to the company client.
  • The recruitment agency is paid the agreed commission each month once the contractor has submitted their work time sheet and Swissroll has invoiced the company client and received payment.

Intermediary Placement Services

If you are a specialist recruiter working internationally, chances that Switzerland could become a working location for potential placements.  In this case, you may require a Swiss- based partner to assist you with you with some of your international placements.

Come and talk to Swissroll about salaries, work permits and Swiss compliance for you, your potential customer and your specialist contractors  – to see how we are able to assist. Swissroll provides the agency partner with a framework agreement to regulate the business relationship between the agent and Swissroll.



  • With the agreement in place, the placement procedure is as follows:
  • Swissroll signs terms with the Swiss client in accordance with the terms sent us by the agency in a Word document.
  • We embody those terms in the client agreement, ensuring the agreement is compliant with Swiss law.
  • Subsequently the candidates’ CV’s are sent by Swissroll to the client.
  • When a placement is successful a placement terms schedule is signed off between us: Swissroll will act on that instruction and invoice the client accordingly.
  • Swissroll is invoiced by you for your commission which is remitted to you within five working days of Swissroll receiving payment from the client.

See our FAQ’s for further commonly asked questions about agent services in Switzerland.